How Data and Document Capture Can Tame Shared Email Chaos

A Problem | Solutions Brief from CAPSYS Technologies and Kodak Alaris

I. Situation: The Nightmare That Is Shared Email

Whether your organization is—

  • Public, private, a government agency, or a not-for-profit entity
  • In the healthcare, insurance or higher education marketplace
  • A manufacturer, distributor, operate in the logistics field, or a very large Global 2000 company
  • Or a small to mid-sized organization 

You are likely feeling the pain and bad daytime dreams that accompany Shared Email Box use within your organization.
There is an influx of emails that arrive at your organization addressed to a mix of real-recipient and alias-recipient inboxes. Addresses such as,,, or or .org.

There is no real identifiable “person” assigned to the other side of these mailboxes—at least from the sender’s perspective. Internally, on the receiving side, you do have at least one person, sometimes an entire “SWAT” team accessing these real and aliased email addresses—known as the “Shared Email Boxes.” Unfortunately, this often creates a free-for-all approach in terms of who works inbound emails and how they are handled. It’s a process that could use improvement, but it’s difficult to know where to begin.

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