Advanced Email Box Batch Processing

CAPSYS CAPTURE E-Mail Gateway is a server extension that monitors email boxes and captures all of the message content automatically creating CAPSYS cases and appropriate indexes. The information captured includes the subject, message body and all email attachments. Once the user submits the email it is sent to the CAPSYS CAPTURE system for processing, image attachments are automatically extracted and individual pages are separated. Rules and automatic notifications can be configured throughout the entire email capture process. 

The Benefit? 
No Printing, Scanning or Manual Indexing or emails and associated attachments! The process can be completely automated. 

CAPSYS CAPTURE Email Gateway server extension supports IMAP, SMTP and MAPI - and therefore most mail server configurations such as Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, and others. CAPSYS’ scripting is also included with the product, allowing for complex operations to be performed on the email prior to submission into the CAPSYS system. 

Consider CAPSYS Email Gateway for: 

  • Automation of Sales order entry processes into ERP or Line of Business Systems
  • Management of Automated Inbound Correspondence
  • Triggering workflows for New Business Underwriting
  • Front ending invoice processing systems
  • Customer care and incoming website inquiries
  • Augmenting or Replacement of incoming FAX Server applications
  • and much more!


Key Features

  • Captures multiple different file type attachments through the optional Outlook® add-in
  • Assigns incoming emails to CAPSYS users, based on email address or manual configuration
  • Supports moving processed messages to a folder (IMAP only)
  • PDF conversion option converts PDF attachments to TIFF or JPG
  • Automatically determines CAPSYS batch profile and document type via CAPSYS indexes or scripts

Email Gateway

  • Advanced Visual Basic scripting through the integrated CAPSYS Script engine
  • Message headers, to/from addresses, subject and body of email all can be used as data that can be mapped to specific fields and uploaded to external databases
  • Automatic reply option to provide an acknowledgement of email processing
  • Automatic conversion of HTML messages into MHT format - preserving attached images
  • Flexible configuration allowing administrators to personalize each mailbox monitored to behave uniquely to a specific workflow process.
  • E-Mail Gateway supports an unlimited number of mailboxes to be monitored and multiple E-Mail Gateway Servers can be added to a configuration to support scalability, high availability and performance demands