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Data & Document Capture Solutions with CAPSYS Technologies®

Purpose-Built Data and Document Capture Software

CAPSYS Technologies is a leading developer of distributed and centralized data and document capture software that streamlines the process of acquiring data and documents securely and efficiently for Content Services Platforms and Information Management Systems. In addition to our web-based data capture scanning capabilities, CAPSYS CAPTURE’s scalable and extensible server software automatically ingests emails and attachments from Microsoft Office 365, Lotus Notes, Exchange, Yahoo mail, Google Gmail (and other mail servers), fax servers, XML/JSON-generated content, and content originating from the mobile phone and tablet marketplace.

AP Workflow graphicOur affordable workflow automation (requiring no programming) and document capture software greatly assist line of business owners, IT Departments within the Global 2000 Enterprises and mid-markets to automate their mission-critical document-driven business processes resulting in a reduction in overall operational costs, increased productivity while delivering a rapid ROI. What more could you ask for?  But there is more!

graphic for iot smart connected scanningIoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions from Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE.  In just under 5 minutes, you can deploy a full-featured data and document solution that captures all your various types of documents and pushes them into your business processes through the convenience of a button-driven end-user experience.  INfuse IoT Solutions from CAPSYS eliminates the IT Tower of Babel and is integrated with OnBase by Hyland, Microsoft SharePoint, ShareBase by Hyland, and more.

Learn more about INfuse IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions from IDT powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE.

Developing Leading Document Capture Software

As data collection becomes more and more critical to the success of massive industries in the world economy, we recognize the importance of crafting the software solutions that allow businesses to keep up with the increased demand for and volume of data from a wide range of primary sources.

Our document capture software utilizes constant refinement and the latest developments in data integration to pull vital information from the world’s most popular and widely used applications. With our products, you can streamline the data gathering process and upgrade your operations with unparalleled innovation.

We carefully construct each piece of our software to maximize:Performance and Scalability Graphic

  • Security
  • Efficiency
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance

Creating Confidence in Information Gathering

When you collect the information you need for your business, you want assurance that the process won’t open you up to liability because of an unsecured or minimally protected piece of code. Our data and document scanning software features specialized programming that keeps your gathered information safe from potential misuse.

Our team works to deliver comprehensive peace of mind. We design each product we sell to minimize breach risks and provide intuitive interfaces that cut down on potential user errors while making the collection process as painless as possible.

With our extensive industry experience and innovation-focused design philosophy, we bring you apex technology to give you the edge you need in a competitive market. More data and a streamlined collection process allow you to outpace and outperform competitors relying on less efficient methods for data scanning.

A Definitive Choice for Market Leaders

Though the landscape of research and data utilization has changed significantly with the advent of the modern technological age, the basic rules of business still apply. More information translates to smarter decisions, and those choices build ongoing success. We make it easy for you to take informed steps in your business when you utilize our software.

Contact us for powerful data and document capture solutions that capture the information you need as effectively as possible. We proudly serve clients throughout international data-reliant markets.

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