What’s New in 2020?

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(On-Premises, Azure Commercial, Azure Government Editions)

CAPSYS CAPTURE 2020 introduces a number of significant improvements over previous versions especially if you are using a 2018 or earlier version. Some of these major advancements and improvements include but are not limited to, our server infrastructure has been upgraded to support 64bit server architectures, we’ve completely retooled our web client so we can support a number of new modern HTML5 browsers, we’ve dramatically improved the web-client end-user experience by introducing the concept of an Active Home Page which we explore further below and, we’ve improved upon our existing WorkBot componentry called Quick Server eXtensions. We have added a number of new WorkBots that perform the additional heavy lifting in software with respect to document processing functions – minimizing end user manual data entry where-ever/ when-ever possible. Users of CAPSYS CAPTURE Version 2020 will notice performance improvements as we have further expanded our support of 64bit architectures throughout the entire suite of CAPSYS CAPTURE framework. Significant enhancements have been made to the ERP Line Item Data Entry and Validation module, we’ve further modernized the Process Designer for designing esthetically pleasing Process flows while maintaining our continued commitment to No Programming Required! to build scalable, extensible, and powerful capture workflows. Graphical Workflow Process Designer Beginning with 2019, continuing into our 2020 release, we have introduced the concept of an “Active Home Page” which has been designed for power users. Active Home Pages keep the users focused on casework by allowing them to quickly access commonly used CAPSYS functions such as Index, QC, ReScan, Classify, and Redaction – all accessible without ever leaving the CAPSYS CAPTURE Home page.  We’ve maintained our classic Tabbed Style UI for those users who are accustomed to the previous version’s usability features. HTML5 Easy to Single Use Interface We’ve greatly enhanced our Image Processing capabilities, enhanced queue routing, added Dashboards, ERP Line Item Data Entry, and Validation support, application performance improvements, introduced a variety of new innovative WorkBots/QSX’s and Input Sources expanding CAPSYS’ core functionality, capabilities and much more. Data Processing and Recognition Automation In 2020, we use an entirely new and innovative approach towards capturing content at the Point of Origin using the emerging IoT Smart Connected Scanning marketplace as well as reinventing how to invoke document capture functions for PC based scanning needs. While we continue to fully embrace and support TWAIN, we’ve architected an entirely new method in which TWAIN controls are invoked via the Windows-based browser so we may support a variety of browsers available in the marketplace. CAPSYS Scan ClientWith the introduction of the Microsoft Edge browser to replace Internet Explorer, Microsoft jettisoned support of Active-X controls. We developed a new small “applet” that gets installed one-time on the local scan workstation that serves as the communication layer between the TWAIN device driver and our CAPSYS CAPTURE Web Client called the “CAPSYS Scan Client”. The CAPSYS Scan Client also opens up our CAPSYS CAPTURE Web Client to support a variety of Windows-based HTML5 web browsers. The CAPSYS Scan Client applet resides in your local PC’s Windows System Tray and will be invoked (transparently) when the user desires to perform capture from the CAPSYS CAPTURE Web Client using a tethered based scanner such as USB driven scanner or, a non-tethered based scanning using WIFI enabled devices. Those users who are performing all other functions aside from scanning operations do not need the CAPSYS Scan Client installed. In fact, the option to install CAPSYS Scan Client won’t be made available to the user unless the CAPSYS Server Administrator grants the user or group with the scan privilege. Scanning via TWAIN Support CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE With our Managed Capture as a Service offering – CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE (deployed using PaaS in Microsoft Government or Commercial Cloud Editions), we have introduced our proprietary Dynamic OCR services that greatly enhance our ability to solve the most complex of document recognition challenges in the marketplace. Based on continuously improved technology, CAPSYS provides features such as text recognition on a specific area of an image and the ability to create searchable PDF/A (PDF/OCR) from scanned documents, images, or existing PDF documents. We have built-in multi-threading support; we can handle multiple languages and process a number of different document formats. Also available in our Managed Capture as a Service offering – CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE – we have expanded our support of the IoT Smart Connected Scanning platform which now includes bi-directional messaging services – providing near real-time user feedback, positive action and message confirmations to the IoT Smart Connected Scanning devices deployed in the field. AP Batch Capture Automation Process We’ve greatly enhanced our EmailGateway and Rendition Document Image Manager offerings. Email along with its large variety of supporting attachments continues to be one of the most favored methods of content ingestion sources. While scanning will be around for a very long time, automated ingestion of electronic documents using email has become a staple of comprehensive content capture strategy for many organizations. With eMail capture comes the challenge of dealing with all the varying types of attachments that accompany email messages. Now you can normalize all the incoming email body messages and varying attachments into a singular Case Management format, so you have consistency and predictability with your Content | Cases | Workflow throughout your business processes. Automated Ingestion of Emails, Faxes, Electronic files Transform DocTypeIntroduced in version 2018 and further enhanced in our 2020 release, we created new QSX offerings called, Transform DocType, MetaData Injector and Assign Case Owner which allow CAPSYS Case Work to move back and forth between different Doctype profiles along with allowing the Case Work to be externalized for further processing by outsourced or third party firms who are not licensed CAPSYS users. Upon completion of their outsourced work on the cases, they can electronically return the work back to a CAPSYS system. Using secured Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) services, all the casework remains intact with the updated indexing data from your outsourced third party so it may continue processing further downstream in a CAPSYS Batch or Document Workflow – inclusive of the third party’s added metadata/index data. With our Assign Case Owner WorkBot, the returning casework can be directly assigned to a specific knowledge worker on your staff to complete the casework through the business process. These new extensible features provide a wide array of new business and technical capabilities for our partners and our customers. Big Data SupportCCBDS Big Data Support. Introduced in version 2020 through our Managed Capture as a Service offering, CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, we created a new offering called, CCBD ETL that addresses the unique challenges that have been created with Big Data. Customers have all this useful data locked up in huge data warehouses but only IT can get to it and everything with Big Data turns into a long-term project for the end-user in need of immediate use of the content. Not anymore with CCBD ETL QSX and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE. We’ve added an HTML5 based forms designer tool that will allow users to quickly snap together user-friendly forms that take all that Big Data in your Data Warehouse and turn all that content into usable documents. Those useable documents are contained in a CAPSYS CAPTURE virtual case – which gets created in a background batch process without user involvement – and, are then moved to a workflow queue for user review and interaction using a Case Management style user interface. Those cases contain either HTML5 or Searchable PDF documents which can then be automatically exported into your favorite Content Services Platform Solution such as Hyland OnBase, ShareBase, Office 365 SharePoint, OpenText, or simply to a file share on your network. CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE Dashboards (CCOD)Introduced in 2019, we’ve added Mini-Dashboards to both the client-side as well as the server-side. These dashboards are intended to provide immediate insight and intelligence into the casework interacted with by the individual users as it is moved throughout your business process. In 2020, we introduced a much more in-depth Dashboard offering that is available as a Managed Subscription Service called, CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE Dashboards (CCOD). CCOD provides configurable Dashboards that allow users to slice and dice a large number of transactional data contained in the CAPSYS database and visualize those data elements in a very usable and esthetically pleasing manner. CCOD can be configured to connect to both On-Premises based deployments of CAPSYS CAPTURE and the Cloud Edition of CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE.

In summary, we believe these significant innovations, enhancements, and additional features make CAPSYS CAPTURE an even better user experience for our user communities, our customers, and our partners!