Visual Data Collection Tool With No Programming Required

The power behind the CAPSYS CAPTURE system is its Business Process Management (BPM) engine. The Business Process Automation experts developed this data collection tool. That have more than 50 years of combined workflow automation and business automation process experience. CAPSYS CAPTURE addresses your unique simple or most complex data, and document capture automation needs unlike no other data and document scanning software product on the market.

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The Software does the Heavy Lifting

Visual Data Collection Tool Process Map

CAPSYS CAPTURE includes an integrated Visual Process Designer tool for designing your data and document capture processes easily and efficiently. The CAPSYS CAPTURE Visual Process Designer allows business analysts and administrators to create your unique business processes visually by simply drawing a map - similar to a Microsoft Visio experience. Powerful and flexible business processing rules that employ re-usable "work-bot" technology are implemented through data-driven wizards and easy to use visual dialogs.

Design, Test, and Go Live!

Design and Test Your Workflow Automation

When it comes to automating data and document capture software, CAPSYS CAPTURE stands in a class by itself because of its ability to create flexible data and document capture processes on the fly and with ease. Good news is that no programming or scripting is required for our data collection tool!

CAPSYS CAPTURE also includes many Enterprise Class features for managing large, sophisticated capture processes, such as process templates, numerous automation routines and the ability to import and export processes between test, development and production data and document capture systems for effective workflow automation.

In addition, CAPSYS CAPTURE is integrated with Active Directory Services and LDAP for management of user accounts on a large scale, or you can choose to use CAPSYS's built-in security and authentication model.

Open Architecture and Extensible

CAPSYS CAPTURE is completely extensible through its CAPSYS Server Quick Server Extension (QSX) architecture, allowing third-party developers and integrators to create fully plug-able processing modules for CAPSYS CAPTURE. The CAPSYS Development Team uses this architecture in-house to develop QSX modules for CAPSYS including Barcode Recognition, Automatic Document Classification/Separation, OCR/OMR, PDF Conversion and many others.