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Big Data Business Problem

A major health care provider who is a progressive leader in palliative care, hospice, and home health care services needed to transform discrete patient data into manageable, viewable patient records. To accomplish this critical need for the health care provider, thee solution required:

  • Extracting the patient data from their Big Data data-warehouse solution;
  • Creating a large number of custom designed HTML5 eForm templates;
  • Mine through the warehouse data in an automated manner, matching the appropriate data to the appropriate eForm and its unique set of fields;
  • Render the resulting data sets and eForms into user friendly, human readable documents and;
  • File and store the voluminous amounts of documents and data into a Content Services Platform solution accessible by the customer’s Health Care Case Workers.

The problem was there was no automated way to create dynamic eForms based on data attributes, no automated way to import this data and, no way to create the electronic patient records that could be made accessible within their Content Services Platform Solution – in this customer’s situation, they are using  OnBase by Hyland Software. Previously to CCBD ETL, the customer was forced to manually create HTML eForms (from scratch) as a “one-off” IT-driven project when requests would originate from the business to view the original patient record. The old process was very labor-intensive, time-consuming, and was not a long-term solution or practical manner to migrate the Big Data content into OnBase Content Services Platform Solution.

The Solution

Big Data QueryCAPSYS Technologies developed a series of configurable software solutions using the existing CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE framework to automate the process of transforming large volumes of patient data stored in a Data Warehouse system into viewable patient records –directly to the Health Care Provider’s OnBase system, called CAPSYS CAPTURE Big Data ETL (CCBD ETL).

Wound DetailsCCBD ETL is made up of a configurable, data transformation automation WorkBot that creates patient records (eForms) populated using historical data from a Big Data Warehouse. CAPSYS enables an I.T. Administrator or Business Analyst to map data elements to an HTML5 (eForm) template, create the output file(s), and documents – either HTML5 based or PDF – using pre-determined OnBase keywords for long-term storage in the Healthcare provider’s Hyland OnBase system.  The resulting combined eForms and data (now documents) are stored and managed along with the existing patient records (with similar patient meta-data) within the OnBase Content Services Platform.


Benefits of CCBD ETL Solution

  • Provides easy identification and rapid population of clinical data and eForm templates;
  • Greatly reduces or entirely eliminates the need for manual data entry to produce patient records (documents);
  • No limit to the number of eForms populated based upon the incoming data;
  • CCBD ETL is easy to use and requires little training;
  • Capsys Capture Process FlowEnables people to create/modify multiple templates using parallel processing;
  • A configurable solution that allows the user(s) to add new maps to new or existing templates;
  • CAPSYS CCBD ETC WorkBot automatically identifies appropriate eForm template to use;
  • Transforms your Data Warehouse into an HTML5 format which can also be rendered out to fully searchable PDF using CAPSYS CAPTURE’s PDFFullText WorkBot;
  • Automatically constructs DIP (document import files) for import of HTML or PDF-based documents (searchable by key-words) into the OnBase system using CAPSYS CAPTURE’s ExportPRO WorkBot;
  • Optionally, CAPSYS provides a Send-to-OnBase WorkBot module that is based on the Hyland OnBase UnityAPI providing direct integration into Cloud-based or On-Premised based OnBase deployments – entirely eliminating the need for DIP;
  • CCBD ETL Includes an extensive audit trail, logging & error notification;
  • Provides Workflow Queue / Case Management capabilities to provide for Document Review prior to archiving off to OnBase;
  • Using CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE’s Dashboard services, CAPSYS CAPTURE provides real-time insights into the status of your CCBD ETL processes, the completeness of your records, and the health of your system – allowing you to take action when and where it’s needed. The Dashboard system also facilitates audits and supports compliance initiatives by identifying the existence and accuracy of information.

CCBD ETL is an extension of the CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE Managed Capture as a Service offering deployed in Microsoft Azure Cloud Commercial or Government Editions based on Platform as a Service technology. More information about CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE and CAPSYS CAPTURE On-Premise solutions can be found at

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