Professional Services and Training

Great technology is only a part of the solutions we provide to our customers every day. Organizations that depend on technology need expert technical support and world class services to rapidly realize promised value.

CAPSYS provides a full array of technical services including training, installation services and integration services to meet your organization's needs. We also provide custom software development services should they be required to specifically tailor your solution for your business needs.

Training courses are offered at our corporate office, at training events, and onsite at your location. Please check with your CAPSYS account representative for details on training near you.

At CAPSYS our top priority is to ensure that customers can implement CAPSYS CAPTURE rapidly and realize value. Whether you chose to play an active role in defining requirements and configuring your implementation or you elect to engage our Professional Services Team or one of our implementation partners, you can be assured that we’ll provide you with the methodology, tools and guidance to be successful. 

Custom Software Development Services

CAPSYS offers a variety of custom software development services to complement your CAPSYS CAPTURE software investment. Whether you chose to development your custom software, engage our software development team or engage one our business partners, we offer the training, the services and the toolkits to help you succeed.

CAPSYS CAPTURE is completely extensible through its CAPSYS CAPTURE Server architecture, allowing third-party developers, end-users and integrators to create fully plug-able processing modules, called Quick Server eXtensions (QSX), for CAPSYS CAPTURE. CAPSYS customers, partners and our own development team use this architecture to develop modules for CAPSYS CAPTURE that are packaged and included as part of the standard product.

Software as a Service (SaaS)


is our hosted Web-based distributed document capture solution for document management systems, and it provides the functionality and benefits of CAPSYS CAPTURE within a completely hosted environment. As a result, organizations can combine the strength of a traditional on-premise installation with the flexibility of an on-demand, hosted, web service, eliminating the often project-prohibitive investment required to deliver a successful solution to your business needs.

CAPSYS CAPTURE Online - Advantages of Cloud/SaaS

CAPSYS CAPTURE Online offers many advantages over installing and maintaining on-premise document capture management systems:

  • No huge upfront cost
  • No server/client - hardware/software to purchase
  • No software to install, upgrade or update
  • No need to resource IT staff (including a System Administrator!)
  • No worries about downtime, backups, or recovery (we take care of all of this for you!)

You’re up and operational in just days, not weeks or months…Just log into your browser and you’re capturing documents wherever you want, anytime you want – regardless of your content repository – CAPSYS CAPTURE can support them all.

Please contact us today about our leading Web-based distributed document capture and capture process management solutions for document management systems.