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Recently Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business announced the S2000 platform which is a feature rich document capture device by itself.  The S2080w boasts a number of innovative features such as long paper length handling (for medical apps), wireless connectivity, small form factor, impressive speed and a lightweight built-in jogger that does a really good job of straightening the paper prior to going through the scanner’s feeder / roller assembly.  Usually you find joggers for scanners that run in the few hundred dollar range or more and they are external to the scanner device.

s2000 series from Kodak alaris

The jogger worked really well during our testing.   The other neat feature we like about the S2080w is the ability for partners like us to be able to generate custom configuration worksheets called, “Scan EasySetup Document” that generates a QR code that encapsulates all of the configuration settings.  The benefit here is that the customer takes the scanner out of the box and installs the hardware, powers the device up and hits a button to consume the configuration page.   After this process is complete (about a couple of minutes or so), the scanner becomes fully operational.  Think about that from a rollout perspective when you are talking about hundreds if not thousands of location installations.  The quality of the scans are dynamite (Kodak Alaris is known for their Image Processing techniques), the integration effort from an Independent Software Vendor perspective was a snap.  There is a lot more to this device and you can watch a brief demo (3 minutes) of the S2000 integrated with CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE by clicking here.

Here is something though that is of great dollar and cents value.  The S2000 makes an outstanding hardware capture device that not only can be used for document scanning, but also for faxing when coupled with Retarus’ Cloud-based Global Messaging offering which includes FAX, email and SMS services.  The S2000 solves a huge problem for national Retailers, Pharmacy, Food and Beverage, Healthcare industries just to name a handful.  A lot of these organizations still operate using paper based fax machines that rely on POTS (plain old telephone service) lines.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  Or, they have PRI lines that have digital to analog converters that allow a fax machine plug into a POTS line.  Let’s discuss Retail market a bit and haves it serve as an example as it will apply generally across the board.

A Retailer with 1500 locations receives product at their local store on a daily basis.  With that they’ll be getting packing slips, PODs, etc.  In the Food and Bev industry, this is ultimately how that retail location will authorize payment for invoices that get delivered back to corporate.  Spoilage, damaged goods, short ships, missing items, etc. are all issues that plague that industry and others as well.  The Direct Store Delivery is what consumers want – they want fresh and they want it grown locally.   However, the wants of consumers create a problem –  the local store is inundated with an influx of paper receivers/ picking tickets/packing slips, etc.   All that paper needs to get delivered back to corporate usually by way of FAX, US Mail, overnight services or it might be scanned with a MFP.  Some organizations mandate FAX transmission delivery because of legal requirements
(transmission confirmation receipts, FAX protocol and image format).  Other organizations may use MFP’s but find they are overly complex for the task at hand.  Mail and overnight services increase costs and introduce a point of failure and delay into the process.

The Better Mousetrap – Using the Retarus integration with Kodak Alaris and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, all of these documents can be ingested with the S2000 in a reliable and consistent manner.   From a FAX perspective because the S2000 securely plugs into the existing Retailer’s network infrastructure (hardwired network connector or wireless on certain models), the POTS line monthly cost multiplied by 1500 store locations evaporates.  No PC is required to scan or fax either.  The Retail location always sends their documents back to the same corporate fax number, so sending the docs is as easy as selecting a pre-defined phone number from the phone book and their done.  Retarus takes it from there.  The sender gets their FAX deliver confirmation receipt via Retarus.  And, if the invoices needs further processing and posting to corporate’s ERP system by way of an automated capture workflow and data extraction process, that’s where CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE comes into play. CAPSYS can then direct all of the document contents and meta data over to a Hyland OnBase workflow for further downstream AP processing and posting into an SAP, Oracle Netsuite or Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

You could do the math quickly and realize this device saves the organization $900,000.00 a year ($50.00 per POTS line *12 Months * 1500 locations).  That is a lot of operating savings realized not only in a single year, but years to come.   You can also eliminate the MFP device costs, maintenance costs and the fact they just aren’t the right tool for the job in terms of quality document consumption and image perfection unlike the S2000 – where you also gain both productivity and operational cost savings.  When you are provisioning 1000+ locations, nothing matches what you can do with the S2000 provision tools that ISV and integrators such as CAPSYS Technologies and Retarus can benefit from as a result of Kodak Alaris’ well thought out tool set.

If you were looking for the Fax device / MFP solution replacement, stop and consider the Kodak Alaris S2000 integrated with Retarus Global Messaging and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE – you won’t regret it and your peers will envy you!