What you donít know about web-based
document capture is costing you

If your business hasnít thought about using web- and cloud-based document capture, hereís what youíre missing out (and needlessly spending money) on:

  1. Software and hardware. Significantly reduce and/or eliminate licensing and infrastructure through a cloud deployment.
  2. Speed/time to implement. What would take weeks can now be done in 30 minutes. Literally.
  3. Simplicity. Capture and share documents anywhere, anytime.
  4. Risk. Mitigate installation and set-up problems.
  5. Automation. Reduce manual processing through built-in capture workflow.
  6. Software upgrades. Itís a thing of the past through cloud deployment.
  7. Maintenance. Web-based makes it easy to manage.
  8. Choice. Get it anyway you want -- On-premise, Cloud, or Network Appliance.

What else is there to know about web-distributed capture - and what the industry won't tell you?

Sapere Aude! We tell it all.

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