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CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE™ is a full-featured document and data capture solution available on-demand hosted in Microsoft Windows Azure data centers and our secure data center via a Cloud based subscription. CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE provides the functionality and benefits of CAPSYS CAPTURE within a completely secure, hosted environment. As a result, organizations can combine the strength of a traditional on-premise installation with the flexibility of an on-demand, hosted, web service, eliminating the often project-prohibitive investment required to deliver a successful solution to your business needs.

CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE - Subscription based Data and Document Capture.
As CAPSYS CAPTURE was among the first Web-based, full-featured document and data capture solutions , it is naturally available as a Software as a Service (“SaaS”). SaaS is a model of software deployment where an application is provided for use as a service to customers on demand for a small monthly subscription fee. CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE offers numerous time and cost-saving advantages over on-premise document capture software systems while providing much greater adaptability, allowing users to evolve, scale and refine the system as needs change.

CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE - Advantages of the Cloud
CAPSYS CAPTURE Online offers many advantages over installing and maintaining on-premise software systems:

  • No huge upfront cost
  • No server/client hardware/software to purchase
  • No software to install, upgrade or update
  • No need to resource IT staff (including a System Administrator!)
  • No worries about downtime, backups, or recovery

You’re up and operational in just days with our Web-based centralized and distributed document capture software for document management systems, not weeks or months…Just log into your browser and you’re capturing documents wherever you want, anytime you want – regardless of your content repository – CAPSYS CAPTURE supports all the major ECM providers including Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

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CAPSYS offers release modules for the following leading ECM and Document Management companies and products:

CAPSYS supports TWAIN standard capture devices and recommends using CAPSYS CAPTURE with scanners and multi-function devices from these companies:

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