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CAPSYS CAPTURE™ is a powerful software solution that streamlines the process of acquiring documents and information securely and efficiently for Document Imaging and Document Management Systems. CAPSYS CAPTURE offers SMB and Global 2000 Enterprises the ability to automate document driven business processes resulting in a reduction in operational costs, increased productivity and a rapid ROI.

Affordable, Document Capture Using a Browser
CAPSYS CAPTURE is the first true Web-based document and data capture software built for the Internet and designed to be deployed in either centralized or distributed processing environments. With CAPSYS, you can capture documents and associated information from anywhere in the world with an easy to deploy thin-client capture application designed for high-volume, production use.

The Thin Advantage
The CAPSYS CAPTURE Client packs plenty of production capture features into a thin browser-based application that is easily deployed to any desktop in the world with an internet connection and a browser. Documents can be scanned with any TWAIN scanner or imported from the desktop (examples would include emails, Word and Excel documents, etc.). Getting documents from their source into a repository is a quick and easy. Documents are securely transmitted from the CAPSYS CAPTURE client to the CAPSYS CAPTURE Server one at a time, or in bulk over a secure internet connection.

Centralized or Distributed Capture
CAPSYS CAPTURE does so much more than just scanning and documents from any location, whether deployed in centralized or distributed environments. CAPSYS CAPTURE allows people in different locations around the world to collaborate together to accomplish sophisticated capture tasks all in record time. CAPSYS CAPTURE uses a unique business process engine complete with a visual (graphical) workflow designer and flexible processing queues to allow people to work together across the world like no other capture product can – or does.


  • Capture documents easily from anywhere in the world
  • Capture and index large volumes of documents securely and efficiently
  • Automate complex capture and indexing tasks eliminating manual tasks
  • Import and process Email and Faxes automatically
  • Ensure corporate compliance by managing and monitoring incoming documents
  • Easily integrate with third-party and legacy systems
  • Deploy either as Software as a Service (“SaaS”) hosted in the convenience of our secure data center or as a traditional “on-premise” purchase
  • Enjoy low total cost of ownership

Key Features of CAPSYS CAPTURE

  • Thin Capture Client (Requires minimal training, easy to deploy and maintain, from anywhere!)
  • Production scanning of virtually any volume of documents, distributed or centralized
  • Capture documents from a variety of sources (scanned paper, faxes, Emails, multi-function devices, electronically created documents and more…)
  • Visual Capture Process Designer (No programming or scripting required! You define your business rules and automate decisions)
  • Thumbnail Document Viewing
  • Automated document cleanup (image enhancement – de-skew, de-speckle, border removal and blank page deletion)
  • Automated Page Separation to burst mixed batches into individual documents
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Machine Printed Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities (Zonal or full-page recognition)
  • Hand Printed Character Recognition (ICR) capabilities
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) capabilities
  • Document recognition and classification capabilities
  • Database Lookup and Query Tools
  • Field Input Masks and Validation
  • Standard and Searchable .PDF Creation (including PDF/A)
  • Group Administration/Active Directory User Integration
High Availability and Scalability

Need redundancy and fault tolerance to address your high availability requirements? Then CAPSYS CAPTURE's proprietary Server Grouping technology is what you need. If one server isn't sufficient to handle tomorrow's volumes, then add a second, or third, etc. server(s) to your configuration. With CAPSYS, you can bind them together in a "cluster-like" configuration using our own proprietary technology - having all the servers act in concert - dramatically reducing overall case processing times.

With Server Grouping, individual CAPSYS Servers can be grouped together and act as one logical server and in the event one of the individual servers drops out of the configuration due to system failure, the other servers in the Server Group can continue processing cases.

Advanced Asynchronous Processing
Using proprietary Asynchronous Processing methods, CAPSYS Image Processing Quick Server Extension modules can be configured to process batches in their own respective CPU and Memory spaces outside of the main CAPSYS CAPTURE server service. This capability will dramatically improve overall system performance and case throughput for our customers.

CAPSYS CAPTURE Visual Workflow
The power behind the CAPSYS CAPTURE Web-based distributed document capture solution for document management systems is its one-of-a-kind business process engine. Developed by business process automation experts, CAPSYS CAPTURE addresses document capture automation like no other capture product on the market. CAPSYS CAPTURE includes an integrated Visual Process Designer for designing capture processes easily and efficiently. The Visual Process Designer allows analysts and administrators to create business processes visually by simply drawing a map. Powerful and flexible business processing rules are implemented through data-driven wizards and easy to use visual dialogs. CAPSYS CAPTURE stands alone when it comes to automating document capture and in its ability to create flexible document capture processes on the fly and with ease. No programming or scripting is required! CAPSYS CAPTURE also includes many enterprise class features for managing large sophisticated capture processes, such as process templates and the ability to import and export processes between test, development and production capture systems. In addition, CAPSYS CAPTURE is integrated with Active Directory Services and LDAP for management of user accounts on a large scale.

Capturing Documents from an MFP Device
For organizations that have made investments in MFP devices, CAPSYS CAPTURE makes it ultra easy to automatically bring documents into the system for processing. A Multi-function Peripheral (MFP) is a single device that serves several functions, including printing. Typically, multifunction printers can act as a printer, a scanner, a fax machine and a photocopier. The CAPSYS CAPTURE Automated Document Import Module is an optional module designed to automate the task of importing documents scanned by a MFP device. This module monitors the network directory where images are being scanned. Once the network directory is populated with files, the system sweeps the directory and automatically imports them into CAPSYS CAPTURE for processing - no user involvement is required!

Capturing E-Mail and Faxes with CAPSYS CAPTURE
Capturing and managing email and fax communications has become a high priority for many organizations. CAPSYS CAPTURE is a complete capture solution, providing options for capturing all organizational documents and information from one single platform. The Email & Fax Import Module for CAPSYS CAPTURE is a specialized input source that monitors POP3 & IMAP email boxes for incoming mail, and imports email from monitored mailboxes into CAPSYS CAPTURE for processing.

The CAPSYS CAPTURE Fax Import Module (optional) provides a direct interface with leading fax server software from Captaris® and Biscom®. The CAPSYS CAPTURE Fax Import Module automatically monitors fax mail boxes and imports faxes for processing as soon as they are received by the fax server.

CAPSYS CAPTURE in the Mail Room- CAPSYS CAPTURE + Opex AS3600i = Digital Mailroom. CAPSYS CAPTURE is uniquely suited to work with mailroom capture devices such as the Opex AS3600i Automated Extraction Desk to fully automate mailroom operations. With its powerful business process engine, CAPSYS CAPTURE works in concert with the high-powered Opex AS3600i to electronically recognize and distribute documents to the correct people or departments in an organization. The CAPSYS CAPTURE Opex OXI Import Module is specifically integrated using the Opex OXI language to take advantage of Opex AS3600i features, and provide the greatest operational flexibility.

The Open Input Architecture of CAPSYS CAPTURE is what makes it all possible. CAPSYS CAPTURE is designed with a modular Input Source Architecture, allowing third-party integrators and developers to easily integrate capture devices and documents in any format.

CAPSYS CAPTURE Release Modules
With CAPSYS CAPTURE Release Modules, processed documents and their associated metadata is easily delivered into a variety of back-end systems, such as Microsoft® Sharepoint, LaserFiche®, Oracle® IPM, EMC® Documentum, Hyland Onbase®, FileBound®, KnowledgeTreeTM, IBM® FileNET® P8 and many others. Whatever your repository, you can use CAPSYS CAPTURE to capture your documents securely and efficiently.

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