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CAPSYS® welcomes FileBound® partners interested in becoming a CAPSYS partner and adding CAPSYS CAPTURE™ to your arsenal of product and service offerings. As a FileBound partner, your organization has the opportunity to earn above industry standard margins, choose between On-premise, Cloud and Network Appliance based capture solutions that include a browser based, thin client interface, robust and customizable capture workflows, plus much more! In addition, we can perform all product training via Webex free-of-charge so you can avoid time out of the field. We make it easy, profitable and ultra affordable to become a CAPSYS partner!

Learn more about the tight integration between CAPSYS CAPTURE and FileBound

CAPSYS provides a robust capture solution through our dedicated channel partners. CAPSYS® CAPTURE™ is a fully web-based capture platform designed to easily capture a wide variety of content and provide customers with a rapid ROI. CAPSYS CAPTURE offers the maximum amount of deployment flexibility through our On-premise, On-demand (Cloud) and AXIOM network appliance offerings. CAPSYS is ideal for releasing data and documents directly into Filebound through our configurable FileBound Export Module. To learn more, you are invited to listen to a pre-recorded Webcast on CAPSYS and FileBound.

Pre-recorded Webinar
Listen to this Webinar on CAPSYS and FileBound...

During this Webinar you will discover:

  • How you can address the document capture needs of your clients with a fully functional, thin client document capture solution tightly integrated with FileBound for either FileBound On-Site or FileBound On-Demand
  • How you can easily and quickly design and implement your client’s document capture processes with the CAPSYS CAPTURE workflow
  • How you can take advantage of powerful, server based capture processing (Like DB Lookups, OCR/OMR and Document Classification/Recognition) to automate tasks and increase user productivity
  • How you can pre-build project information from FileBound into CAPSYS CAPTURE using the CAPSYS FileBound InBound Wizard™ making it a snap to setup the document capture application
  • How easy it is to release documents and index information from CAPSYS CAPTURE into FileBound, for either FileBound On-Site or FileBound On-Demand systems
  • How Ty, a joint CAPSYS and FileBound customer, benefited from the use of both company’s products in the SaaS, hosted solution model
  • How Access Imaging Solutions, a CAPSYS and FileBound partner, benefited from using CAPTURE CAPTURE ONLINE in their service bureau for document conversation services


The CAPSYS PARTNER PROGRAM is available from CAPSYS to meet the unique needs of FileBound systems integrators, value-added resellers (VARs), consultants and vertical specialty companies that want to offer Web-based, document capture and capture process management software to their valued clients as a complement to FileBound Document Management Solutions. CAPSYS® CAPTURE™ is a leading Web-based document capture solution that helps businesses acquire and process documents efficiently and effiectively.

The CAPSYS PARTNER PROGRAM provides you with the information, technology and support needed to solve the complex document capture needs of your clients while growing your business profitably. CAPSYS CAPTURE works equally well in centralized batch scanning enviroments, or distributed scanning environments - or even mixed environments where both centralized and distributed scanning are required. Profits are generated from software margins, professional services, product support and on-going customer satisfaction.

The CAPSYS PARTNER PROGRAM is a working partnership between CAPSYS and it’s partners located around the globe. We build partnerships based on mutual trust, respect for each other’s business goals and focus on the client’s success. The advantages of the CAPSYS product set coupled with the partner’s value-added offerings and services creates a powerful, winning combination.

CAPSYS is committed to the success of our partners – our channel is a vital part of our business and the primary method by which we distribute our products to end-users (We don't have a direct sales force!). In summary, we deliver the highest-quality products backed by the industry’s most dedicated sales, technical and customer support groups.

At CAPSYS, We demonstrate a partner friendly attitude in all we do, every day.


CAPSYS CAPTURE is the only, fully-functional, Web-based, document capture and capture process management solution available. CAPSYS CAPTURE is tightly integrated with FileBound allowing you to release Project information directly into the FileBound repository, for either FileBound On-Site or FileBound On-Demand. CAPSYS CAPTURE can easily and efficiently capture documents from anywhere at any time around the world in a safe and secure environment while eliminating the cost and complexity of supporting additional IT hardware and software environments. CAPSYS’ solutions are offered both as Software as a Service (“SaaS”), hosted in Microsoft Windows Azure Data Centers, in the convenience of our secure data center, or as a traditional “on-premise” purchase or as a Network Appliance. CAPSYS provides affordable, easy-to-deploy document capture solutions in a completely Web-based environment through its national network of channel partners.

Why Partner with CAPSYS?

GREAT PRODUCT. CAPSYS CAPTURE is a truly unique product offering for document capture over the Web with a thin client

  • Creates market opportunities unsatisfied by other vendors
  • Creates purchase flexibility for on-premise, Cloud, or Network Appliance
PROFITS. Generate profits with attractive, above industry standard margins
  • Our pricing model is designed so you make money on product sales, SaaS subscription sales, professional services and product support
RESPONSIVENESS. Quality and responsive support from CAPSYS
  • Sales and technical support available when you need it
TRAINING. Quality and affordable training programs so you can get up to speed quickly and comfortably (Online Training is Available!)
  • We understand that you will sell what you know

At CAPSYS, our goal is to "put the PARTNER back in PARTNERSHIP."

For more information about partner opportunities and our partner program, please call us at 877.322.7797 or visit www.capsystech.com.

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