About Ex-Cels Solutions, Inc.

For over 35 years Ex-Cel Solutions has helped businesses with their IT needs. From systems and network designs, networks security and performance, hardware repair and maintenance contracts, we have helped hundreds of businesses focus on running their operations efficiently.

Enterprise Content Management Many business processes remain bound to outdated, paper based technologies. Successful companies leverage the benefits provided by Ex-Cel Solutions’ Content Management products and services to increase productivity, decrease operational costs and improve customer service. Ex-Cel Solutions has many years of experience in successfully implementing document capture, imaging, workflow, enterprise report management, document management solutions and electronic forms.

At Ex-Cel Solutions, our Mission is to provide quality information processing products and services to our customers on a national scale and research business requirements that afford the most logical and cost effective solution. We are thoroughly committed to helping our client base achieve a technological advantage. We strive to provide high-quality, tailored services at reasonable and competitive prices while promoting an environment in which employees, stockholders, customers, and vendors can benefit and prosper.

Network and IT Solutions Ex-Cel Solutions can deploy highly trained network professionals into nearly any computing environment. Our staff of qualified and experienced engineers can install, service, and support multiple network operating system platforms, leveraging virtualization when appropriate. Ex-Cel Solutions' network experts also provide our clients with sophisticated IBM RS/6000 and HP9000 mid-range system solutions utilizing the AIX and HP-UX operating systems. Improve your company’s bottom line by reducing IT costs with a proactive approach to your network and Help Desk services to your end-users. In addition, we offer a Hosted email solution eliminating the need for Small Businesses to invest in dedicated servers and related hardware.

Managed Services Managed Services is a custom designed program to meet your network management needs and improve network performance. By using improved practices and tools, we are able to offer services at a cost that is lower than that of the typical internal staff, dramatically reducing IT expenses. With our highly skilled network team, you get the power of a full network support team and optional Help Desk at your finger tips, without the hefty price tag.

Cloud Computing Applications As an alternative to the traditional "Brick and Mortar" infrastructure, Cloud Computing may make sense for your business. Ex-Cel Solutions offers email hosting and Online Backup.
More information about the professionals at Ex-cels Solutions, Inc. can be found at: www.excels.com

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