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CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE Announces Support of Microsoft Windows Azure Platform

Data Capture in the Cloud Now More Robust than Ever

Colorado Springs, Colo., (September 27, 2011) – CAPSYS® Technologies a leading provider of Web-based document and data capture solutions for centralized and distributed environments, announces today that its CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE Cloud offering now supports Microsoft’s® Windows Azure™ Platform and SQL Azure, a Cloud-based technology platform that is hosted in Microsoft Worldwide Data Centers.

All vital data capture functions (such as document scanning, indexing, quality assurance, OCR, export) that were once only found in costly, on-premise based enterprise document capture solutions, are now available to users worldwide via browser-based CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE system, leveraging Microsoft’s Global Data center and Content Delivery Network footprint.

The support of Windows Azure allows the CAPSYS organization, its Channel Partners and joint customers to get out of the business of buying servers and dedicating resources to IT infrastructure management. Instead, they can focus on data and document capture, integration and ECM applications like Microsoft SharePoint – and deploy them far more rapidly, in hours rather than weeks or quarters.

“Our reseller partners now have a complete Cloud-based data and document capture solution with which they can build their individual go-to-market strategies. In fact, resellers can now reach entirely new markets, build and scale Cloud-based solutions more quickly and efficiently than ever before in our industry’s history,” says Paul E. Szemplinski, President of CAPSYS Technologies.

CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE users also benefit from the pay-for-use business model. No money is wasted for software and IT platform services that are not being used.

The addition of support for Microsoft Windows Azure follows CAPSYS’ February 2011 announcement of its support for Microsoft’s SQL Azure Database. “We are very pleased with how quickly CAPSYS embraced and adapted to the Windows Azure platform,” says Rodney Sloan, Principle Platform Strategy Advisor, Microsoft. “Equally exciting for Microsoft and its customers is to have an innovative organization such as CAPSYS Technologies within the ECM sector become a Windows Azure Platform partner”

CAPSYS: First to Bring Capture to the Cloud Since 2008, CAPSYS Technologies has been meeting the growing demand for Cloud-based solutions with its CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE. The service gives users a simple, easy-to-use, enterprise-wide tool for capturing and sharing documents at a lower cost than traditional capture software.

“Our focus as a software development firm and a channel sales organization should be on innovating, creating, publishing software and supporting our channel partners,” says Michael F. Nolfo, CAPSYS Technologies’ V.P. of Sales. “We will continue to be a low-cost, high performance and scalability leader in the distributed and centralized document capture marketplace. Our support of Microsoft Azure Platform gets us all out of the business of building and supporting infrastructure, and leaves it up to those who know it best -- the very company that innovated, designed, and created the infrastructure -- Microsoft.”

For more information about CAPSYS CAPTURE software and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, contact 877-322-7797 or visit For more information about the Windows Azure Platform, see the Windows Azure platform Web site.

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CAPSYS is a leading provider of document and data capture solutions designed to streamline the process of acquiring documents and information securely and efficiently. CAPSYS provides Web-based document capture solutions via a thin client application requiring no workstation software to be installed, upgraded or maintained. The company’s primary product, CAPSYS CAPTURE, can easily and efficiently capture documents for organizations of any size and volume from anywhere at any time in both centralized and distributed document capture environments. CAPSYS solutions are offered as a as a traditional “on-premise” license purchase, as a Software as a Service (“SaaS”), hosted in the convenience of Microsoft Windows Azure data centers, our secure data center, or as an easy-to-deploy, pre-configured network appliance. To learn more, or to inquire about partnership opportunities, call 877-322-7797 or visit

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