About IDT - Call us at (877) SCAN-IDT

IDT offers a wide breadth of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that drive process efficiencies. Our solutions consist of Document Imaging, Workflow, Enterprise Report Management (ERM), E-forms, and much more. All IDT offerings can be integrated with existing financial/ERP systems and line-of-business applications.

The Result: you do more with less:

  • Save money by storing all company records in a safe and secure content management system
  • Provide secure access to your corporate information
  • Dispense with the costs of shipping documents from remote locations
  • Reduce data entry errors and lost documents
  • Discard costly 3rd-party IT managed services and infrastructure outsourcing
  • Eliminate up-front software costs with cloud-based solutions
Contact IDT today to learn about how your organization can take advantage of our creative and innovative approaches towards solving your business and technology challenges!

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