CAPSYS provides a full complement of training services for our partner community for both sales and technical certification for CAPSYS CAPTURE .

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Additional Course Information

The course is structured as follows (subject to update from time-to-time):

Product Intro/Sales Overview (Audience: Sales/Technical)

  • Product Overview
  • Why Distributed Capture
  • Positioning/Business Benefits
  • Product Terminology
  • Intro to the Web Client, the Server Manager and QSXs
  • System Architecture
  • Competitive Overview
  • Pricing/Agreements
Implementation and Configuration (Audience: Technical (Sales optional))
  • Installation Techniques
  • Quick Server eXtension (QSX) Modules
  • Designing Process Maps (Document Types and Batch Profiles)
  • Security
  • General Settings
  • Web Client
  • Queue Administration/Queue Monitor
  • Audit Logs and Trace Files

***Please note that the Technical Certification Class has a hands-on lab exercise. Students will be required to complete a lab exercise which requires access to your demo system. Please make sure that you have access to your demo system prior to attending this class.***

The sales certification class is ~ 3 hours in duration and the technical certification class is ~ 4 hours in duration - all depending on questions and student interaction. We will move as fast or slow as the audience allows. There may be homework/lab assignments throughout, time permitting. Additionally, there is a sales certification and techncial certification exam that is requred to complete in order to recieve your formal certification of completion. And, as mentioned above, completion of a lab exercise is also required to complete the technical certification.

The Sales Certification is for all audiences, i.e., all sales and technical people. The foundation for the entire course will be set during this session and it is required for all participants, sales and technical. The Technical Certification is designed for technical people and sales people are optional (and welcomed). It is best if these courses are taken in sequence.

To complete the sales certification, the couse must be completed and a grade of 80% or better must be achieved on the certification test. To complete the technical certification, the course must be completed, the lab exercise must be successfully completed and a grade of 80% of better must be achieved on the certification test.

There are no specific required course pre-requisites. However, technical participants will need to have access to their demo systems in order to complete the lab exercise. We do find it useful if students have viewed our public website ( (there is a lot of good materials/brochures available on the site), installed the product and read the client/user and admin guide (documentation with the product and as found on the secure CAPSYS Partner Portal) prior to participating in this training.

THANK YOU for registering! We appreciate the investment you are making in product training.

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