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Understanding Distributed, Web-Based Document Capture – Realizing Greater Value at Lower Cost

Preview of the New Book by Paul Szemplinski, CAPSYS Co-Founder

Companies of all sizes face an avalanche of documents and content in various types of formats to be managed, whether in paper or in electronic form. Navigating the myriad potential solutions is what this book is all about.

The set of tools available -- software, hardware and most recently, Software as a Service, all known today as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies -- have advanced significantly in the past decade. Because ECM systems are made up of multiple components, designing an optimal system takes a great deal of knowledge, not only of individual components, but how they all work together.

In more than 20 years of consulting with companies across the U.S., I’ve found that many do their homework on ECM systems. But due to the technical complexities and multitude of choices, most are best served by bringing in an expert adviser. In these pages, I share real-world knowledge of what make these systems tick – and point out the stumbling blocks that often interfere with getting the absolute most from them.

One of the keys to ensuring all of the ECM components work together is Document Capture. It is often mistakenly not the focus of an ECM software purchase. Yet it is of infinite importance because it is the “on-ramp” to any ECM system, interfacing with many points in the content management process – from data inputs through Workflow processes, integration with your line of business system (such as ERP or operations systems) through storage in your Content Repository.

The secret: Content Management vendors rarely – if at all – address efficient and effective Document Capture without the help of third-party Document Capture applications. So the lesson for you, the buyer, is to understand its importance, and not cut corners!

  • You need a well-defined business process; AND,
  • A software application capable of handling the document capture process.
Another reason to care: Labor associated with Document Capture is one of the highest costs in an ECM roll-out.

So how do you ensure you are on the right cost/performance track with the Capture system you are specifying? Read the two-part Executive Summary. See the links below and at right.

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