Purpose Built Data and Document Capture and Workflow Automation for ECM, Transactional Content Services and Case Management Systems

CAPSYS Technologies® is a leading developer of Distributed and Centralized Data and Document Capture Software that streamlines the process of acquiring data and documents securely and efficiently for Information Management Systems. In addition to our web-based scanning capabilities, CAPSYS CAPTURE's scalable and extensible server software automatically ingests emails and attachments from Microsoft Office 365, Lotus Notes, Exchange, Yahoo mail, Google Gmail (and other mail servers), fax servers, XML/JSON generated content and content originating from the mobile e-tablet marketplace.

Our affordable software greatly assists Line of Business Owners and IT Departments within the Global 2000 Enterprises and mid-markets automate their mission critical document driven business processes resulting in a reduction in overall operational costs, increased productivity while delivering a rapid ROI. Extract | Transform | Load services from CAPSYS are ideally suited for assisting customers with the challenge of standardizing incoming data types and file formats originating from varying sources such as your customers and supply chain partners.

Ideal for Shared Services - The company's flagship software application, CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, is a powerful and flexible, Cloud and/or Hybrid Cloud based thin client application that requires no workstation software to be installed, upgraded or maintained. Regardless of the software deployment method and because our solution is web-based, the reach of CAPSYS CAPTURE is the World Wide Web. CAPSYS is the ideal data entry and document capture solution for multi-divisional and geographically dispersed organizations.

CAPSYS CAPTURE is available as an on-premises deployment, Cloud-based on-demand hosted in either Microsoft® Windows Azure Commercial and Government Edition data centers leveraging their robust, scalable Platform-as-a-Service technologies, or at our secure, private cloud data center.

Our Document Capture solutions designed for any size organization feature...

  • Visual Capture Process Designer
  • Cloud / Hybrid Cloud solutions powered by Microsoft Windows Azure, SQL Azure and Azure Storage
  • Robust, Web-based Document and Data Capture with a Thin Client
  • Powerful capture and indexing features for Automated Document Processing
  • Integration with ShareBase by Hyland, OnBase by Hyland, Microsoft SharePoint, ContentVerse, KnowledgeTree, FileBound, and numerous other ECM Systems!
  • High-volume batch scanning for Centralized or Distributed environments
  • Configurable, rules-based, graphical workflow to easily design your capture process
  • Simple concurrent usage licensing model (No volume restrictions, no page or click counts!)
  • Affordable Document Capture solutions that offer simplicity
  • Flexible export routines for major ERP and Line of Business Systems
  • Automated Email Integration including attachments
  • FAX Server integration with industry leaders
  • Content Rendition Engine to normalize disparate information formats and types

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