CAPSYS Server Extension Listing


A QSX Event provides for automated processing of batches and documents in a CAPSYS CAPTURE Process.  The CAPSYS CAPTURE System includes a number of standard QSX modules for use in capture processes as needed.  A listing of the available standard and licensed CAPSYS Server Extensions is provided below. Note this list changes often and the list below is not intended to represent a complete account of available server extensions.


Standard CAPSYS CAPTURE Server Extensions

QSX Name


Alert QSX

Sends an alert email to the specified email address at a particular point in the capture process, or in response to a branch in the process caused by an exception.

Annotation QSX

Causes a text-based annotation to be burned-in to an image.  Annotation values can be static or variable based on a field value.  This process creates a new image with the annotation permanently added.  May only be used with TIFF images.

Barcode/Separator.NET QSX

A comprehensive bar code recognition and page separation engine.  Used to recognize bar codes of various types on batch or document pages, for using recognized bar code pages as document separators, and for reading bar code values as document field values.

Batch Field Route QSX

Routes cases to the desired path based on the value of a batch-level field.

Classify Default

Creates documents from batch contents by automatically setting a document type.

Database Lookup.NET QSX

Performs an automatic database lookup from a SQL database using a user-defined query.  The resulting data from the lookup can be mapped to one or more index fields.

Field Route QSX

Routes cases to the desired path based on the value of a document-level field.

ImageCleanup.NET QSX

Provides de-skew, de-speckle and other image enhancement capabilities to improve image quality for recognition and reduce file sizes for storage.

Image Convert QSX

Provides for the re-sampling of images to the specified output resolution.

Status Route QSX

Routes cases to the desired path based on a status value.


Converts PDF documents to TIF formatted images.

Standard PDF QSX

Creates (non-searchable) PDF documents from image documents.


Licensed CAPSYS Server Extensions (Process and Input). Additional purchase may be required.

QSX Name


CCADC (Auto Document Classify)

A document classification component that uses the CAPSYS OCR engine to recognize patterns in specified zones in order to automatically identify documents as a specific type.

Combine Documents

Takes like documents contained in a batch and joins them together using like indexing information.


Provides optical character recognition and optical mark recognition capabilities.  


The CAPSYS CAPTURE Collate Module works in coordination with the CAPSYS CAPTURE Barcode/Separator Module and provides the ability to handle batches requiring advanced barcode(s) recognition, document separation and specialized data recognition needed for certain applications.

ContentVerse Export

The CAPSYS CAPTURE ContentVerse QSX formats data and documents for insertion into Computhink's ContentVerse (formerly ViewWise) repository and workflow system. This QSX works directly with ContentVerse's AIP service.

Copy | Cut | Paste

Provides the ability to marquee areas of an image and paste the contents to an existing image or create an entirely new image from the copied contents.

E-Mail Gateway

Monitors one or more Exchange, Office 365, POP3 or IMAP mailboxes and imports incoming email messages and their attachments for processing in a Batch Capture Process.


Exports data and documents to ASG Software Solution's Mobius ViewDirect systems.


Exports data and documents to numerous ECM and Line of Business Systems.

Fax Input

Monitors one or more fax servers and imports incoming fax documents into CAPSYS for processing in a Batch Capture Process.

FileBound Export Release

Exports data and documents to FileBound Cloud or On-Premise solutions from Upland Software.

Import (DIM)

Imports documents and metadata into CAPSYS from a file system and standard file formats.

KnowledgeTree Export Release

Exports data and documents to KnowledgeTree Sales Automation Solutions.

Metrics QSX

Gathers process, user, case and batch data throughout the capture process and inserts relevant data into a SQL table for report purposes.]

PDFFullText Export

Performs full-text OCR and conversion of image documents to searchable PDF.

Rendition Document Image Conversion Manager

Converts numerous file formats generated in Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, PPT HTML formatted documents, and many others, into TIF, JPG, or PDF formats automatically normalizing all your content ingestion processes.   Designed to work in-conjunction with E-Mail Gateway.  

About CAPSYS Rendition Document Image Manager

Microsoft SharePoint Release

Provides ability to export documents and data to SharePoint systems in the Cloud or On-Premise.  

Transaction Match

Provides for the definition of documents required in a process that belong together as a transaction.  This module will cause processing to suspend for a case until all the required documents have been acquired.

Transform Document

Allows Batch contents to trancend across two or more document type profiles.  

Opex Import

Monitors input streams from OPEX mailroom extraction desks for import and processing in a Batch Capture Process.


Versatile QSX that can perform a variety of tasks such as: Splitting field values, inserting DB records, renaming batches, checks for loose pages, and much more.


Voucher generates a new Word document according to predefined rules. It then assigns a document type to the Word document, and can also automatically populate the new document's index fields, as dictated by other predefined rules.

XML Import

Monitor for XML formatted input data and document streams.